The Bitter Sweet Taste of Poison.

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The Bitter Sweet Taste of Poison. Empty The Bitter Sweet Taste of Poison.

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The Bitter Sweet Taste of Poison. Redskies

The Bitter Sweet Taste of Poison. PortobelloRoad063

The Bitter Sweet Taste of Poison. 25g9ohc

Once upon a time, a small island was full of the finest and most delectable apples. Because of this, the island was invaded on numerous occasions. The King of this island was old and wise and he had called for his General, "Pour a deadly poison on the roots of every apple tree. The tree will suck up the poison and the apples will become poisonous to anyone outside of royal blood." he instructed. They, of course, did as their King had ordered. Within a day of the poison being poured, the apples became poisonous. The island was invaded once again and there was blood shed everywhere on the white beaches, turning them a light red color. But a man escaped and out of hunger tried to eat an apple, but dropped dead.
This is the legend behind the poisonous apples and the red beaches of Raijin. But once again, the island will be in war, the island will cry out in pain. It shall bleed out and the beaches will grow darker with every passing minute.


I looked around frantically, and saw him. "Why?! I never did anything to you!!!" I yelled. Around me were the bodies of my military, holes around 3 feet deep from grenades, and a river of blood.
BOOM! My eyes flew open in pain as I screamed. I fell to my knee's and he got closer, "Damn you.....Russia." He said something but I blacked-out before I heard what he had said. The small island nation of Raijin had fallen in the first battle.

5 months before the Battle~!

"Well, this can't get any worse... or can it?" I said. Hello there, my name is Raijin. Right now I'm holding onto a branch so that i won't fall............over a cliff called the Kings End.* Why? Because I saw a HUGE apple and I wanted to see if I could get it. I got the apple but........I slipped. "Help-!!! Anyone there?!" I yelled.
As if I expected an answer.
"Germany Germany~! I think I heard someone call for help~!" said a strange voice.....To me, it sounded....Italian..?
"There isn't anyone calling for help! WE'RE the ones who need help." said a more...... dare I say it, manly voice.
"No, Germany-san, I heard the call for help as well." said a more clam and monotone voice.
This is my only chance! "Help!!! I'm over here!!!!" I yelled. 3 men appeared over the edge, one with blonde hair gelled back, the second with short black hair, and the last one had brownish golden hair with a curl to the side. "Oh god! Miss, we'll help you up." said the blonde. CRACK.......BREAK. Yea, the edge that the guys were standing on broke........ and the one with the idiot curl grabbed my shirt and yanked me down with them. I sobbed to myself, "Why me?!?!" I said before I blacked-out.


"Is she alright aru?"
"She fell down with Germany Italy, and Japan. She could be an enemy da?"
.....Voices. Unfamiliar voices. "Let her go! Italy just dragged her down with us!" said another. A familiar voice.
"La pauvre fille! I hope she's alright." Another unfamiliar voice....he spoke French.
"Well, America. Give the lady CPR." said someone with a strong English accent.
"Of course! I'm the hero~!!" said another.
My eye's flew open and I kicked the guy with glasses off of me, "Noli me tangere sordes!" I yelled in my native language. The men looked at me, "She's definitely alive if she could kick America that far aru." said a man with a panda.
"I agree, da." said a man with a pink scarf.
"I like the lady already!" said the guy with caterpillars for eye-brows.
"Ma chérie~!" said a gay-looking man. He walked towards me and was going to embrace me. I took out a pistol, "Age si propius et mortuus es." All the men looked at each other and then at me, "What did she say, aru?" "I don't know. I don't speak gibberish, da." The man who looked gay smiled, "I think she said, Kiss me~!"
I took the safety off, "I said, Come any closer and you're a dead man." I repeated in English. The man backed away, "Épargnez-moi! I was joking!" I felt something glomp onto me. I looked down to see the man wit the idiot curl hugging me, "Save me scary lady with a pistol~!!!" he cried. I aimed my pitsol at everyone, "Who are you all!" i ordered.
"I'm China, aru."
"Russia, da."
"I'm England."
"Moi? I'm France~!"
"I'm Germany, that's Italy and this," he pointed to a man dressed in white and had black hair, "Is Japan,"
"And I'm America~! I'm the hero!!!"
..........Everyone looked at him, "Didn't this girl kick you?" asked England. America nodded, "Yea! I ran back here!"........More silence..........
I sighed, "Ok, why are you here?" i asked.
"We washed up on the beaches, da."
"Fine. I'll give you a free boat ride to India. It isn't far from here, but you can get a plane to take you home." They looked at me. ".....What?"
"You have transportation?"
"You have food, aru?"
"You mean......this ISN'T a deserted island."
England looked at France, "You owe me 5 bucks."
"Just follow me to the port! Don't talk to anyone, they aren't use to foreigners."
......"WHat kind of place is this?!?!" asked America.
I smacked him over the head, "Shut up! This island is my home idiot. It practically IS me. " They had a 'is she crazy?' look on their faces.
I sighed, "If you all really are THAT stupid, I might as well explain. I'm Raijin, the nation of this small island. I refuse to go to world meetings because they're just a wait of my time."

3 Months before the Battle~!
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