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Post by Crete Arquee on Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:51 pm

Our Island
The sun sparkles down into your eyes and across your face
Looking at you looking at me spans all of time and space
Your deep brown eyes hold the power of firelight
A fire stronger than my dreams of you every night
When you're with me I'm lost, feeling only your warm embrace
All my troubles melt away, melt away and leave without a trace
Then the feeling of your lips on mine sends me away
To a special place beneath the trees where we could stay
Forever together and lost with each other here
Just take my hand my love and have no fear
Come with me and don't look back, this island is for you, this island is for me
Feel the sand between your toes, take my hand and let me set you free
Free of everyone and free of everything, free from all but this dove
Having only to share with each other; separated by this sea of love
Crete Arquee
Crete Arquee

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