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This is a tale of Darkness, we all have it in our heart, but how much darkness exists in our hearts is the question. This tale is just like any other, something new is born. And the question that follows- is it good or evil? It couldn't decide, so it became Darkness, an entity consisting of both good and evil, but it is neither good nor evil, it was Darkness.
Now Darkness took the dark and light from people, and as it did, it grew. It became something that couldn't be stopped, it became something that was feared by people. For a thousand years the people of Danu lived in fear, but they were keeping something from the Darkness.
The people of Danu were hiding their magic; they knew that if Darkness found out that they had power coursing through their veins, they would never be free.
One day, in the year of Eleutheria a woman stepped forward and fought with Darkness, she was a demon, a rare demon, a powerful demon, a demon of Lightning. She gave the people hope; she became a symbol of rebellion, she attacked the Darkness and in the last moment of the battle when it seemed like all hope was lost, she stood and with the Darkness surrounding her. She let the light explode from her, and the light spread across the land of Danu and the Darkness fled, weak and defeated the Darkness disappeared.
This woman became the first Elder- she became the first Queen of Danu, and because of her the land of Danu flourished. She brought in the people that had once hid their magic and started to teach them, they became the Council, and as they became stronger she let them become Elders, and brought in new Council members and so on and so forth.  

It’s been three thousand years since Zanna lived, and the Darkness has gathered again. It’s the time to fight, to stand up against the fear that it will inspire, but the question remains.

Are you Dark or are you Light?

Chapter One

-Year of Iactura-

A soft knock penetrated the silent room.
“Enter…” the young woman barley looked away from what she was watching intently, she was sitting in the large window seat, looking out the window into the vast gardens that seemed to stretch on for miles and miles on end. Her green and purple eyes followed the tall man as he jumped off the large dragon that had just landed. She watched as the man put a hand up and watched as the Dragon’s head dipped low so that the man could place his hand on his snout. The door slowly creaked open and a maid entered the room. She didn’t come to close to the woman sitting, and the woman knew why. Magic scared some people, even if it was an everyday part of life, but that was only part of why this woman didn’t like her, the other was that she was going to be joined to the man outside, and the maid didn’t seem to think she was good enough to be joined to him, and took every moment to remind her of that.

“Master Warren has returned- and he seems to have brought the Council meeting here.”

“I know, is that all you came in here to tell me?” finally the woman turned and looked at the maid, her green-purple eyes looked at her intently.
“No…” she paused and sighed in anger, “Master Warren has instructed me that I need to help you dress,” she turned and went over to the bed and picked up the dark blue dress that seemed to shimmer in the light, “Is this what you wanted to wear Alyson?” Alyson could hear the sneer in her voice and couldn’t help but smile.
“No…I planned on going naked Vidia.”

“I think that would cause quite a stir don’t you think love?” a deep voice came from the open doorway, and that had Alyson’s heart racing and her pulse to jump as she turned and looked at the man standing in the door way. He was tall, a foot taller than Alyson, and his black short and shaggy hair was windblown, his blue eyes stood out from his face and were filled with laughter, he was wearing a light colored tunic that went well with his sun tanned skin. He moved into the room and then looked over at Vidia, “I think that I can handle getting Lady Alyson ready for the Council meeting. You are dismissed Vidia.” He turned away from her and looked over at Alyson.

“I think that it would m’lord.” Alyson stood and dipped into a curtsy as Vidia left the room with anger radiating off of her, “But it would at least make it interesting-“ she moved out of the curtsy and moved over to where Warren was standing, she threw her arms around his neck and laughed as he picked her up and spun her around.
“I missed you.” She whispered against his neck as he stopped spinning them around.
He seemed to freeze as she said that, “I missed you too.” And then his lips where covering hers’ in a mind numbing kiss, that set her blood on fire and left her wanting more. When he broke it off, they were both gulping for air.
“You need to get dressed, and don’t take anything that Vidia has said or done to you in the past few weeks to heart. My parents wanted her and I to be joined for life when her family was still in our Lord King’s good graces, this was before her father plotted for the crown, but once they fell the match was dissolved. And I meet someone who fit all of my needs, and who was equal to me in magic and someone who enjoyed life. I meet the person who was right for me, not right for my parents. And it took me years and years to ask her to be my life partner, because I didn’t want to make the same mistake again. I wanted to be sure that the person that I was going to ask…was right for me and that I was right for her. You are my, my soul. She doesn’t understand that, and she never will until she finds what we have. But I can’t dismiss her, she has already lost too much, and if this is the only way she can keep food on her table then, here she shall stay.”

    “ Oh Warren- you are my heart, my soul, my éadrom, and my future.” She placed a sweet and gentle kiss on his lips and walked over to the bed where her dress was tossed aside, she moved her hand in front of her and blue lights started to spill out of her hand, and the laces on the dress she was wearing started to unravel and the dress dropped to the floor, leaving her in only her slip. She looked over at Warren and started to talk again.  “I know what her father tried to do, and it wasn’t just our Lord King he tried to kill, it was the next in line as well. He wanted to kill our future Lady Queen, but I hear she is something to be reckoned with, and she fought back. And I also hear she had chosen her life partner, who will be our next Lord King. But as we all know- only the Lady Queen will have all of the power of the people of Danu.” She tossed a smile at him as she slipped into the shimmering dress.

“Where do you hear all of this information? The Lady Queen hasn’t been reveled yet- only the current Royal Family and the Elders know who she is.” Warren looked at her in curiosity as the blue light spilled out again and laced the back of the dress back up. She moved over to the mirror and looked at her appearance, she grabbed all of her long, curly, blond hair up in her hands, twisted it up and quickly started to pin it all in place.

“I happen to know people in the Royal Family- rather well actually. Also…I hear our future Lady Queen has not told her life partner that she is going to be the Lady Queen, I’ve meet him once actually. And I fear that he will not respond to it well, he may even decide to not go through with the Joining.”
Warren walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, “Then he is not worthy of our Lady Queen- when did you meet him?”
“Last year…during one of our Lord King’s dances that was hosted at the palace. He was charming and handsome and will fit our Lady Queen well once he gets past the fact that she never told him, even though she could have before they make the announcement.”
“Like I said Love, if he does not accept what she will one day be, then he is not fit for her.” He placed a kiss on the side of her neck as she placed the last pin in place.

“Yes, but that won’t stop her pain- and the magic that she holds is the magic of the land, and if she’s in pain then Danu is also in pain.” She sighed softly and turned around and stepped into his embrace, “Enough of this talk. The Council is waiting.” She mumbled, they stepped away from each other, and he offered her his arm with a bow, she placed her hand in his and they left the room in silence.

Vidia stood in the shadows and smiled as she watched them walk away, “Master, the time to strike is now. All of the Elders are present along with almost all of the rest of the Council. And…the future Lady Queen is here.” She waited in glee for the answer that would change her life forever.
“Child….you….know….what….to….do…..I will be waiting for the….good….news….” the shadows pulsed around her as the voice entered her head.
The smile on her face grew, and her hands started to glow with black shimmering magic, “I will get you back Warren, watch me.” She swore as she thought about how she was going to kill Alyson.

Chapter Two


“What do you mean the Lord King is coming to the meeting?” Alyson looked at one of the Elders as she spoke.
“He is the High Elder, he is allowed to come to the meetings, just because he normally doesn’t, doesn’t mean that he can’t.” The Elder took her hand and pulled her close to him, “He’s coming to announce who our future Lady Queen is going to be.” They shared a look as Alyson pulled her hand away.
“I thought that he was going to do that closer to when he was going to step down…” she hissed softly.
“We all did, but something has him on edge. He thinks that there is another plot to take the crown away from who it rightfully belongs to. And you know how the Lord King is; he swears that the Darkness is coming back and he wants to be able to protect the people of Danu.”
At the mention of the Darkness Alyson paled slightly, she knew why the Lord King thought that. The dreams came to them both, all the time; they talked to each other about it just last week.
She breathed in and then looked at the Elder, “I still haven’t told Warren…”

“Told Warren what?” Warren stepped out of the shadows and looked at her, she turned and she could see the anger in his eyes, Oh Goddess he thinks I want to break off the Joining. She offered a weak smile and gave the Elder a look that signaled that he could go.

“Don’t look at me like that Warren, I don’t want to break off the Joining, you know how I feel about you. I would never break that off.” She offered a weak smile, “But I do need to tell you something…something kind of important, and I hope that you can understand why…why I didn’t tell you before now.” She clasped her hands together and took a deep breath and was about to start speaking when they heard the announcement.

“Lord King, High Elder of Danu. King Elden.” Alyson, Warren and the rest of the Council all turned and looked at the top of the steps where their King was waiting. One by one they all dropped down into a bow or curtsy, waiting until he gave the command to stand again. He walked down the stair case and stopped in the middle of the room before he spoke, his deep voice radiating with his power, “You may stand.”
Alyson studied him closely, he had long white hair that was pulled back with a band, and hazel eyes that held so many answers, but now just looked too tired. His skin was pale but not a deathly pale, more of a creamy pale then anything; he stood at the same height as Warren and had the same type of build. He was toned and light on his feet when he needed to be. The sword that hung at his side was usually his first option when it came to fighting people, he never wanted to begin to rely on magic for every single thing that he did. He turned and looked right at Alyson and gave a small nod before he started to talk.

“I know that most of you are surprised to see me at this Council meeting, but seeing as how you all are my advisors, my protectors, and the people that hold the magic that keeps our lands safe, I thought that you should be among the first to hear who Danu has chosen to be the next Lady Queen.” He clapped his hands and the balls of light flew to every corner of the room.
“My fellow Mage’s the land of Danu has chosen, someone who not only can hold her own with magic, but someone who is kind, sweet, and smart. She will make a good ruler-” the lights from around the room started to swirl around and around, getting faster and faster, Alyson turned and looked over at Warren, “For what is about to happen... I am sorry.” She looked back and watched as the lights moved towards her, lifted her up in to the air, surrounded her, the light that Elden had cast pulled out her own inner light and added it to the mix, and the room glowed, everyone had taken a step back and watched in wonder as the light seemed to pulse and then grow even brighter, soon she was like a mini-sun filling the ballroom. Soon it became too blinding to look at her and one by one everyone in the room raised a hand and covered their eyes. Warren was the last one to look away; he was captivated by how bright she was burning.

Slowly the light eased and she was lowered to the floor, all of the Council members dropped down into a bow or curtsy as her feet touched the floor, even the Lord King did a half bow towards her. But Alyson was only looking for one man, she searched for the one face that would make or break her. Finally his head lifted and he looked at her, just at her, and then a grin started to grow across his face.  

She could feel his magic enter her mind and she started to smile at him, as she and only she heard his voice. I love you Alyson, future Lady Queen of Danu…I would love you even if you where the bar maid in the poorest part of town. I can’t believe you had fears that I wouldn’t accept you for who, and what you are. You and I are still going to be life partners; I will still stand by you no matter what. Trust my love for you Alyson.

I do…but I was afraid you wouldn’t understand why I kept it from you, that you wouldn’t want me any longer because of the risk that comes with being the Lord King, and being partners for life with the Queen of Danu. I didn’t want to lose you…ever. You are my everything- my sanity, my love, my faith; you fill my days and nights with love and laughter. I didn’t want to risk that, would you?

No…I wouldn’t. Because I wouldn’t want to lose you either.

A soft smile graced Alyson’s face as she started to move toward Warren, the Lord King watched as she moved as did everyone else in the room.

She stopped about a foot in front of Warren and then looked at the Lord King, “My King, would you do the honor of preforming the Joining ceremony between Warren Mac Tíre and myself?”

“Here?” Warren took a step forward and took her hands in his, “Now?”
“This is your home Warren; this is the place that I am the happiest, of course here. And yes, right now. I don’t want to let this go any longer, you are mine- and I am yours, let’s just make it official.” She pulled their joined hands up to her heart and held them there.

“I would be honored to perform this ceremony for you my dear- if Warren Mac Tíre is willing.” The Lord King smiled as he watched the young couple together, they were something.

“He…he is more than willing.” Warren spoke loud enough that everyone in the room could hear, and that had more than a few of the older men laughing.

“Then come stand in front of me, and we shall get started.” The Lord King clasped his hands together and watched as they moved across the room to stand in front of him and in a deep voice he started the ceremony that would bind them together for life and for death.

“The Joining ceremony is not something that is entered lightly, it binds two souls into one and once that happens there can be no one else. If one feels pain then the other knows, if one is scared the other knows. You share everything-and more, with your other half. When you love, you love completely; there is no hiding how you feel from your Partner. And with that sort of closeness you become stronger in every aspect, from magic to physical traits, this type of love changes you forever. Are you ready to take that step Warren Mac Tíre?”
“Yes.” He looked deep into Alyson’s eyes as he responded to the Lord King.
“And are you Alyson Solas ready to take this step into forever with Warren Mac Tíre?”
“Yes.” She breathed out as she looked up into eyes that held her future in them.
The Lord King smiled as he placed his hands on their joined ones, “If anyone here objects to the Joining of these two souls, step forth and speak.”

Vidia gathered the shadows around her before she started to descend the stair case, “I object!” everyone gasped as they turned and looked at the woman descending towards them.
Alyson and Warren turned towards the voice that had just put a stop to their dreams, Warren gathered Alyson close to him as they watched the shadows swirl around Vidia.

The Lord King looked at the young woman who was being eaten away by the Darkness that resided inside of her, “And why dear lady do you object to the Joining of Warren Mac Tíre and Alyson Solas?” he asked as he turned toward her fully.

“Because…I want her dead…” Vidia raised her hand and a black ball of fire grew around it, she breathed in and out and then threw it at the Lord King. It hit him full in the chest and with a look of shock disbelief etched onto his face, he fell backwards. He was dead before he hit the ground.

A scream tore through the air as they watched the Lord King fall; Alyson looked around
the room for the source of the sound, and found that it was her.

“And my Master wants you dead…” Vidia reached the bottom of the stair case and looked right at Alyson, an evil smile on her face.
Another ball of black fire grew around her hand, “He was mine, you should have never touched what was mine!” she screeched as she threw the fire at Alyson.

Chapter Three

Alyson watched what was happening in slow motion; Warren tried to push her behind him, some of the Elder’s running for cover, Vidias’ evil smile, the fallen Lord King looking at her, and then a young Council man yelling her name, she didn’t look away from the speeding fire ball, she breathed in deep and threw up her hands,   the blue light shimmered around her hands and then exploded through the room.
She stood looking around the frozen room and she moved out of the way of the fire ball, as she did she looked at the fire ball that was frozen midair; it was Darkness…pure Darkness. As she thought she looked around the room and saw how everyone was running for cover. She felt anger start to shimmer inside of her, but she pulled it back inside of her and moved back over to where Warren was standing- she waved a hand over him unfreezing him. He looked around the room wildly and then realized what she had done.

“Are you okay?” He grabbed her shoulders and looked at her face, searching.
“I’m fine, I’ll be more fine when you move out of this spot, and neither of us die.”
“Yeah, I would be fine with that to.” He glanced around the room, and then looked back at her- his magic already burning in his eyes and shimmering around his person, “Okay…unfreeze the room.”

Alyson took a deep breath and Warren watched as her hands started to glow, he knew that she didn’t have to use her hands to channel her power, but she liked people to see the fact that she used magic that she could handle it. She flicked her wrist and the whole room unfroze.
The fire ball flew past the spot where Alyson and Warren had been standing and slammed into the wall on the other side of the room.

Vidia looked at the spot that they had been standing and then the anger that was inside of her seemed to explode, “I want you dead! Can’t you just do this one thing RIGHT?!” she screamed as she turned toward Alyson.

“No apparently I can’t.” Alyson shrugged and threw up her hands, she felt for her magic and while she did she felt something far older, and stronger than the magic that she possessed- it flowed through her and out her hands and she felt the tips of her fingers tingle as lightning out at Vidia.
Her mouth fell open and with an inhuman screech and the shadows from around the room rushed around her, forming a blanket before the lightning could even touch her, as the shadows swirled around Vidia the wind started to pick up and Alyson’s hair started to whip around her face, her clothing moving with the wind, she looked over at Warren and his hair was going with the wind as well.
Then it all stopped, Alyson looked at the spot where Vidia had been standing and she was no longer there.
“She used the shadows to make herself disappear. Oh!” Alyson’s turned and was radiating anger, but when she saw the Elders and the Council members gathering around the Lord King, she felt an over whelming sadness.

Warren placed a hand on her lower back and they walked over to where the Lord King’s body was laying, Alyson fell down to her knee’s next to The Lord King’s side.
“Oh Elden- I am so sorry.” Her hand cupped his cheek and she placed her forehead on his, as tears slid down her face. Warren stood behind her, his hands were open and palms up. Alyson could feel the magic flow from him, and she felt the other Elder’s join in as well. She closed her eyes, and let the magic sooth her, remind her that she was still a part of the world around her, the chanting started and she lifted her head and she kissed his forehead softly, she kept her lips there until she felt another tear slid down her face, it landed on Elden’s cheek and then she was standing. Arms out, palms up and she joined into the chant, her magic flowed into the others.

“We are one-we live in the light- we are one- we live in the light- together we stand united in the light-with your death you join a different fight- join the light- we are one-we live in the light.“

As they chanted light started to come from everywhere and lift the body of the Lord King high up into the air, and the light covered him, and then it expanded taking the light that rested in the Lord King and throwing it out into the universe. When that was done the body was gently laid back out on the floor.
One by one the Mage’s hands fell back down to their sides, one of the women in the Council turned and started to cry into one of the Elder’s robes.

“Council members- Victoria Lamay, and Alexander Ravenclaw.” The announcement was  made from the top of the stair case by one of the servants, who hadn’t been present in the room when Vidia had killed the Lord King, she didn’t notice the body and she disappeared before she got the chance.

Alyson knew that she would know soon enough, and it would hit hard, Elden was loved by all…well all expect Vidia and her “Master”.

She turned toward the stair case and watched as a woman in a vivid purple gown start to descend the stairs, followed by a dark haired man.
The man smiled down at everyone, seeming to miss the over whelming sadness in the room, and spoke.
“What did we miss? Please tell me we missed that talk about the library again.”

Warren chuckled darkly as he replied, “Yeah, you missed the talk about the library- and just about everything else.”

Chapter Four


Alyson watched as they got closer and closer to the Council, she watched as they realized who was lying on the floor, she watched as Victoria reached out for Alexander as the over whelming pain had her falling to her knees and gasping for air, she watched as Alexander slowly gathered her into his waiting arms. And she watched as Warren watched her, she stood still, proud and still. Her beautiful green and purple eyes shimmered with unshed tears and something more, he watched as her hands slowly stopped shaking and how she turned and offered him a weak, but brilliant smile.

"The King…the Lord King…he’s dead.” Victoria sobbed harshly as she looked at the body of the dead King.

Alexander looked at Alyson and Warren and his eyes where burning with the need for answers, “What. Happened?”

Alyson looked over at Warren and he looked at her, they shared one of those meaningful looks and she sighed softly, “The Lord King has just announced who would be his successor- and once his magic proved who she was, she asked the Lord King to perform the Joining ceremony for her…” she paused and waited for the next set of questions.

“Who was she? And he couldn’t have died from the Joining ceremony that magic is purely for binding, it couldn’t have backlashed…” Alexander mumbled softly as he slowly ran his hand over Victoria’s hair.

“The Lady Queen and our new High Elder- who is she?” Victoria snapped as she finally tore her eyes away from the fallen King.

One of the Elders stepped forward, “The Lady Queen is Alyson Solas- and we need to complete the Joining ceremony so we can crown you my lady.” The Elder bowed low as he spoke to her. Again Alyson and Warren shared a quick look before Warren spoke; he never took his eyes away from Alyson.
“The ceremonies can wait until tomorrow- today, we need to mourn and the people need to be alerted to the fact that our Lord King is dead-” Warren offered Alyson his hand and she grabbed on to it like a life line.
“Yes my Lord- Can preparations be made for the Council and the Elders to stay here over night?’’
“Yes Councilmen Orin-” Alyson looked over at the Council member and offered him a smile, “Could you see that the former Lord King is taken care of? He can be placed in the family crypt if it is okay with Lord Mac Tíre?” she looked for Warren for him confirmation, he was nodding before she finished asking if it would be okay.

It’s your home as well Alyson- you don’t need to ask me.

Warren pulled her into a tight embrace as Victoria stood up and started toward them.

“Who killed the King? Did you do this so that you could take over faster?” she accused Alyson as she got up into her face.

“You think that she did this? You think that she wanted the Lord King dead? You accuse her of plotting treason in her own home? In my home?!” Warren thundered as he let go of Alyson and stepped in front of her.
“Yes! I am!” Victoria’s face glistened with tears but her anger came off in waves, “We all knew she was only after you because you were in better standing with the Elder’s then she was- and because of your wealth.” Victoria didn’t even finish what she was saying before Alyson was laughing.

“You think I would need someone to help me with the Elders? Oh Gods that’s funny, I need nothing from any one. The Elders may not like me, but the fact of the matter is they have to respect me and they do have to listen to me. Not that I ever used the fact that I was the next in line, I didn’t really care. And why would I need wealth? Use your brain Victoria, I know your more than just a pretty face, at least I hope so.” Alyson slid the insult in slyly and she watched as rage transformed Victoria’s face, she moved faster than anyone could have thought possible and her hand flew up and she slapped Alyson right across the face. Alexander grabbed Victoria’s arms and pulled her back away from Alyson.
Alyson’s face was bright red from where she had gotten slapped and she looked even sadder than she had before, “Can we go now?”

“Yes Love we can go now…” Warren put his arm around her waist and they started to walk towards the stairs, Alexander called out one last question before they reached them.
“If Lady Alyson had nothing to do with it, which I believe she didn’t have a thing to do with it, then who killed our Lord King?” he asked as he held Victoria all of the Council members and the Elders where watching the retreating Lord and Lady.

Alyson turned around and looked at the two, “Darkness, Darkness killed the Lord King.” She could see the disbelief that crossed their faces then Warren pulled her close and in the blink of an eye they were gone, his power transporting them to the one place that he knew Alyson needed to be to pull herself together.

She opened her eyes, she would never get used to folding, but it was a lot faster than walking. She looked around the cave full of lights and she felt a sense of relief flow through her.
The Dragon raised his head slightly and the large eyes blinked as he took in the two humans, “Oh Iormúngr-” the large dragon’s tail swiveled around the cave and wrapped it around Alyson, he pulled her closer and the looked into each other’s eyes, communicating with each other.

Warren watched the two interact before he shook his head and with a smile started to walk through a tunnel that lead to where Kereros made his home.

“Thank you Warren.” He heard Alyson’s quite mummer, he turned and he looked at her, Alyson’s head was resting against Iormứngr’s, her eyes were closed and he could tell that she was finally letting go of all of the pent up emotions that had been locked tight away.

“For what Alyson?”

“For loving me, for understanding me, for being you.” She turned so that her cheek was resting on Iormúngr’s and she opened her eyes and looked at him, her hair was falling out of all the pins that she had placed in them just a few hours ago, and she still looked amazing.

“How could I not?” he asked simply then he turned on his heels and gave her the space that she needed.

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~We all need to believe in something, I choose to believe that Magic is all around us~
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Alyson Solas

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Victoria Lamay

We are all in this together, no matter what.
Some stand for the Darkness, while the others stand to fight against it.
But we are all intertwined with each other-
our fates are tied.

-The Darkness in Our Hearts- 2coo28m

~We all need to believe in something, I choose to believe that Magic is all around us~
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