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Post by Love on Sat Apr 23, 2011 1:02 am

(This picks up from episode 21, where Minori, Ryujii, and Yusakuu go out in the blizzard at the ski resort to go find Taiga)

Toradora!: A Different Love

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Ryujii weren't the one to save Taiga in the snowstorm, or ever disagreed on how they couples ended up? Then I suggest you read this. You might find it to you liking. =]


Takasu was staring at the window at the ski resort, his face blank. Not letting his eyes waver from the never ending snow, he said, "All of the ski resort staff are out looking for her. If they can't find her, they're going to call the police.
Kitamura turned to Takasu, his face very serious. "Takasu! Get a grip of yourself, they'll definately find her!
Takasu looked down, and agony swept over his face. "Taiga......."
A voice from behind Takasu and Kitamura appeared. "What a terrible snowstrom."
Both of the boys turned to face the voice, finding it was Kushieda. She was all dressed up to go out. Putting on he ski goggles, Kitamura said, "Kushieda? Those clothes........"
"I'm going to look for her."
Kushieda looked Kitamura straight in the eye. She wouldn't change her mind if she was already set on a plan. Kitamura threw his hand back in objection. "Are you stupid?! This time, it might be you who'll-"
"But I can't just stay here! I'll be right back. I'll come back when I've cheked all the places we've been to."
Joining the conversation, Takasu looked away from the window for the first time. "I'll go too."
Kitamura looked at Takasu shocked. "You too?!"
Kushieda smiled warmly at Takasu, as if silently thanking him for going with her. Realizing it meant a lot to the both of them, Kitamura finally gave in. "-Crap-, I'll go with you guys. Ami, tell the teacher we're going out to look for her."
Looking up from her crying, Kawashima flew out of her seat. "Wai-!"

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