The Sky is Blue for a Reason

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The Sky is Blue for a Reason Empty The Sky is Blue for a Reason

Post by Love on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:24 am

The sky is blue for a reason.
It can show emotion in a painting or picture.
It can show a cloudless sunny day. Happiness.
Or it can be baby blue with an iceburg and Tiffany mixture.

It can be a swirl of black, silver and deep blue
Showing a terrible storm.
That says that someone is hurt or angry,
The clouds gathering in an ominous form.

It can be an azure, with splashes of denim,
As rain falls in the scene.
It shows that someone's heart is broken,
And someone's sad, their eyes welling-up and sheen.

It can be midnight and navy, with splashes of white,
Telling the story of a sleepy town.
A quiet city with few cars and passer-byers,
The little stars dancing round.

The sky is blue for a reason.
It can tell the story of someone's life,
You just need to look at the picture closely,
Just open your eyes, but don't rely entirely on sight.
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