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The Bones in the Classroom


This story, has people that are pregnant, refrence'es to certian romatic things. There will be some sentance's that are...thinking of the word to discirbe this...
I could say crud. But I don't think that they are that bad.
And I might cut some sentences out.
I am WARNING you, that there will be some thing's that you may not like.
This is a case about children that are murdered.
There might be some dicey descriptons. But I will try and tone it down.
This is a WARNING though.
So if you don't like the fact that there might be some things that you don't like.
Thank you very much.

I would like to know your opinon of my story and you can comment on it if you choose to.
But if you do comment I would like you to remember the rulse and keep it nice if you don't like it.

I hope you enjoy the following story.



So this is my Bones story, yes it is based of the hit TV show Bones.
And for this first little part I am going to give you a background on the OC's that are in this story. And how I will be writing it. And I will update this just adding somethings that might help you understand the story a little better, if you haven't watched the story.
The one person that is in the TV show that is not in this story is Angela Montenegro. Because one of my friends OC's that is in this story took her husband. Well he wasn't her husband when she took him, but they were planing on getting married. But she left him and then went to Paris, she is on her celibacy kick and whon't come back intill she wants to come back.
And you will also learn someother things about her as you read the story, but since I don't want to give to much away I am going to shut up now and give you the background on each OC.

Mioko Kiryu- Was Dr. Brennan's inturn intill she got pregnant with Fisher's baby, well baby's. They are having twins. She then took over Angela's place as the artist. She is engaged to Fisher and they haven't set a date yet.

Alice Oshibonni- Is married to Dr. Jack Hodgins, she is working as Cam's inturn, but since she is also pregnant she doesn't deal with all the fleshy things that she did before. She now just helps Hodgins and Mioko with there work. She loves to make fun of Hodgins with something that he doesn't really like. And you will find out what that is when we get to Alice's part.

Samantha King- Also goes by Sam, but Booth doesn't every call her that saying, "It's a guys name and she is not a guy!" She is also Bones inturn, and she started a month before this story took place. She is half-way in love with Booth and he is half-way in love with her. They are stubbron so they haven't told anyone, they haven't even adminted it to themselfs yet.

There is also something else that I should tell you. Booth and Bones don't like like each other, and Hannah doesn't exist. There is no and I mean NO Hannah. And Sully is back, yes Sully the guy that went off to sail around the Carriben for a year and now he is back. AFTER THREE YEARS and he is just now comeing home. -_-. Him and Bones are in love, but she is to afried to tell him and soo that takes place also in this story.


Chapter One:

Mioko and Fisher~

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep.
"Oh...will you just shut up?" the hand that had been resting on her stomach, feeling her babies move around, reached up and picked up her phone for the end table that it had been sitting on. She didn't stop to check the caller ID she knew that it was either Booth, Dr. Brennan, Alice or Fisher. She snapped it open and hit the speaker button.
"What do you want?!'
"Nice to talk to you to." Booth said with a small sigh.
"Oh. Hi. What do you want? It's our day off." she snapped at him, as one of the babies kicked her in the bladder, she bit her lip to keep from cursing.
"Mioko, I don't care if it's your day off. You need to get in here. You and Fisher need to come in." he rubbed his hand across his face. And waited for her reply.
"And why do you need us to come in today? Can't it wait intill tomorrow?"
"No, it's pretty bad M. I need you all to come in..."
"Scale of one to ten?" Mioko stood up slowley, and made her way to her and Fisher's bedroom.
"Twenty." he shut the phone ending the phone call, and then went to his contacts and looked for Samantha's phone number.
"Butt munch." she mumbled under her breath and she went to brush her teeth.
A little while later Fisher walked into there room to find her sitting in the middle of the bed, dressed and her work bag right beside her.
"Honey? Take it we have to go to work..." he approched the bed, slowly. He had learned that it was very good to stay back intill he learned what mood she was in. And since he didn't want to get hit with anything, he stayed back.
"Yep." she pulled her honey brown hair into a pony-tail. Burshing back her bangs from her eyes.
"Got the car keys?" she asked as she moved over to the edge of the bed and got to her feet. Then she started walking down the hallway. Well she waddled more then she walked. She didn't look back to see if Fisher was following her, she just knewn. She got to the front door and grabed her jacket and then she walked out to there car.
He came out five mintues later, with a box of saltine carkers, her cell phone, a pair of her slippers, their ID cards for the Jeffersonian and a cup of coffee. She started to laugh when he came out the door.


Smack that all on the floor. Smack that till you get~~
The song cut off when Samantha answered the phone.
"King speaking. How can I help you?" as she was talking she moved into her kitchen and got herself a cup of coffee.
"Hello Samantha. We have a case."
Samantha's heart skiped a beat when she heard the voice on the other side of the phone line. She set the coffee cup down, because her hands were shaking so badley.
Get yourself under control! She yelled at herself as she tryied to get her emtions under control and her brain before she tryied to speak. When she was under control, she started to speak.
"I'll be there in twenty mintues Booth."
"Thank you..." there was a click as he hung up the phone on her.
"Your so nice Booth." she said as she picked up her coffee cup again and made her way to the door. On the way she grab her ID card and her car keys.
She locked the door and then walked down the path to her 911 Black Porsche Turbo, she smiled as she turned the car on and let it idle for a second before she backed out of her drive way and started to speed.

Alice and Hodgins

"Hodgins! There is DIRT on the carpet!" she stuck her head out the door and yelled down the hallway to the room that her husband was in. She put her hand on her stomach and waited for the answering yell.
"It's soil! Not DIRT! SOIL!" he came out of the spare bedroom were he had takeing all of his dirty clothes and shoes. Hopeing that she wouldn't notice that there was shoe prints in the hallway and in their bedroom. But he was wrong, she had noticed.
He was mumbling under his breath about the diffrence between soil and dirt.
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep.
The hallway phone started ringing, he glanced at it, then glanced back at the door to their bedroom. He sighed and moved towords the phone, he picked it up and said,
"Hodgins resadence. Who is this?"
"Booth. Get over here. We have work, you have some dirt and slim things to do. And your wife needs to help Cam. So get over here."
Hodgins and Booth both heard the another phone join into the conversation.
"See ya later Booth." Hodgin's hung up his side of the phone and listend to his wife's soft voice coming out of the half open bedroom door.
"Hey Booth. Why are you calling today?" Alice sat down in the window seat, holding the phone to her ear. The baby kicked her in her side as she sat down.
"How is my favriote little cousion?" Booth's warm voice came through the phone.
"The little bugger wants to kick mommy for pratice. That's what. I guess we have to come in don't we?" her voice sounded happy for a split second when she thought of seeing Mioko and everyone else, but then it went back to the normal as she finshed.
"Yea." Booth heard a knock on his glass door and he swivled around and looked at the person that was filling his doorway.
"Hey, umm. Alice, going to talk to you later OK?" he shut his phone and stood up his mind numb from the shock.
"Your...your back."
Hodgin's walked into the room looking at Alice who was looking out the window at this point, saw her bite her lip each time the baby kicked her.
"How are you doing? Are you sure you can go to work?" he asked in a low voice, somthing that only happend when he was worried about her.
"Yea, sweetheart I am going to be fine." she turned to look at him her face lighting up with a smile.
"Alice. I love you."
"Love you to Jack. Love you to. Now...let's goto work." she stood up and then went over to him and slipped her hand into his and then walked away.

Bones and Booth~

Booth walked into the dirty classroom with a frown. Today was not going the way that he had pland. First his day with Parker had got cut short because of this cause, and then it was the case it's self.
"Move the body over with the others." Dr. Brennan told one of Booth's FBI people who was moving a little body to where all the other's lay at. The one room school house hadn't seen anyone in it for what looked like ten years. And since it was so far out not that many people even came by to see it. And it was by chance that the one room school house had even been looked into.
"Two hiker's found it and called it in. They were pretty scared by waht they saw as you can imagine." Booth said as he looked over at the bodies that were already laid out, and then the one that was hanging in the middle of the room. That looked pretty fresh. There was maggots all over the body in the middle of the room and the stench was aweful.
"How are you doing Bones?" he asked as he knelt down beside her and one of the bodies.
"How do you think Booth? In this room there is ten bodies. All of them children. Then there's that man in the middle. That's eleven dead people Booth. Eleven." Bones stood up and looked at the small room.
"Easy you two. No fighting." Cam waltzd into the room with Alice in tow.
"Can you handle this Alice?" Cam turned to look at her young inturn who's face was pale as she looked at the bodie in the middle of the room. Before she had found out that she was having a kid nothing could even semi-gross her out and then she found out and....well the baby wasn't very fond of dead bodies and the smell.
"Yea..I think. I hope." Alice looked at Booth and went over and gave him a small hug.
"Then lets get to work." Cam walked over to the body and had one of the FBI guys help her up, then she cut the bodie down. As she did a piece of the man's face fell onto the ground and it landed right at Alice's feet.
"Oh. My. God." she put her hand to her mouth and ran out the door, everyone moved out of her way as fast as they could.
Cam looked at her running inturn and then turned and said in a very calm voice, "I take it she wasn't OK. Evidence bag!"
Bones looked at Booth and they said togther, "Take everything!" then Bones and Booth walked out after Alice and waited for her in the car, before they drove to the Jeffersonian.

Chapter Two



Oh my god. Who would do that to innocent children?! They were so tiny. Who in the world would do that to kids?!
Bones had made a pit stop at her apartment to grab a change of clothes and to take a quick shower. She had unlocked her door, and was closing it when she noticed that she wasn't the only one that was in her apartment. She had looked at the mirror acroos from her couch and saw that someone was sleeping on her couch, she knew that it wasn't her father and it wasn't Russ*. SHe closed the door softly and grabed her bat the was next to the door, and approched the couch. She hit the guy with her bat and that made him wake up with a curse.
She backed up and spread her feet wide so that she had good blance.
"Who are you? And why are you in my house?" Brennan looked at the person that was starting to stand up, there was something so fimalar about him, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.
"Hello? I asked you a question."
Wait....what if he doesn't speak english? She cursed at herself under her breath as she thougt of that.
"¿Quién es usted? ¿Y por qué estás en mi casa?" she asked in Spanish, then she switched to French, because he was acting like he hadn't heard her.
"Qui êtes-vous? Et pourquoi vous êtes dans ma maison?"
He was standing up and Brennan could see that he was tan,tall and looked like he was in shape. He wasn't looking at her, or giveing any indacation that he had heard her at all. Then he finallly said something.
"I Well, I left you three years ago standing o a pier, and I am home again. Who do you think I am Bren?'' he ran a hand through his short,black hair before he turned around and looked at her.

Her brain shut down for a few seconds, but she got it back under control and said,
"Sully? Is that really you?"
"Yea, Bren. It's really me. I'm home. Kinda trippy right?"
"Trippy? I don't know what you are trying to say there."
"Nevermind. Have anything that you have wanted to say to me since I have left?" he was hopeful that she had gotten over her fear of telling someone that she loved them, but from what Booth had said when they talked that hadn't happend.
"Yes. I have something to say to you." she dropped the bat and took a step closer to him.
"That's what I have to say to you." Brennan looked at him, she was mad, that he could just waltz back into her life like he hadn't been gone for three years and that nothing had changed.
"One year to sail around the caribben but butt! One year to three? What happend? You loose track of the time or something Sully?"
She slapped him again, this time harder, all of her feelings were rushing back to her.
"I missed you to." the right side of Sully's face had turned bright red and had a hand print there.
"And I mean it when I say that. I really missed you Bren. I am so sorry that I didn't come home sonner, I just thought that it would be better for both of us if I didn't come home as soon as I wanted to. Which was right after I left the harbor I wanted to come back, but I didn't. I thought that it would be easier for you to just move on...but what I didn't think about was the fact that I wouldn't be the one to move on..." Sully sighed as he ran a hand through his hair again.
"Oh...well then you should have come home." she said right before she rushed over to him, she flew into his arms.
"I missed you. ANd I waited for you to come home that first year. I waited. You just never came back." she said into his chest, as she held him close. Afriad that if she let him go then he would just dissapear.
"I love you to Brennan." he lifeted her chin up and kissed her softley as he picked her up into his arms.
"Were's the bedroom?" he asked with a smile.
"Round the corner." they walked down the hallway and into her bedroom, her kicked the door shut with his foot.
* * *
Cam & Alice

"Alice, I need you to get some pictures of the wound right here, "Cam pointed at the arm with the long cut on it with her pen then she pointed at the skull saying, "Then you need to go and give the bones to Fisher, and then these samples to Hodgins, oh and then I don't know go see M. I don't want you in here when I do the otopsi. And Alice, you stay with Hodgins longer then five minutes then you won't like what happens to you." Cam pulled on her gloves, then picked up her scapula and pointed at Alice.
The flash of the camera blinded Cam for a second and when she saw Alice, she flinched.
"That's going to be a nice picture don't you think?" Alice said with a evil smile.
"You wouldn't dare." Cam looked at her with a glare.
"Try me. And if you don't want people to see the great Dr. pointing a scapula at a pregnant woman, I get ten minutes with Hodgins." Alice grabbed the body of a small child and the tray of samples that was going to Hodgins and waddled out of the room, with out a backward glance. Cam smiled and then went back to work.
Alice & Hodgins

"I have some dirt for you. And some nice looked bugs..." Alice set the tray down with a smile as she leaned back against his desk.
"How many times do I have to tell you and Mioko that "dirt" is a meaningless term, this is ''soil'' not "dirt" Learn it, love it." he looked at her with a crooked grin.
"Well I love you, so that counts for something right?" she was laughing when the baby kicked her again. She took a deep breath and looked down at her belly with a small frown.
"You know this is all your fault. I just want you to know that. ALL your fault." she grimaced with the pain as the baby went after her spline.
"Well if I remember it right you helped I mean didn't you _" Hodgins looked down at his wife and then looked pointedly down at her hand that was covering his mouth.
"Don't even say it." she looked at him the waddled away very fast for a pregnant person.
"scream and beg?" he finished in a soft voice so that she would hear.

Booth & Principal James
"Hello Mr. Smith, I talked with you over the phone about three hours ago. I am Special Agent Seeley Booth." Booth took out his credentials and showed it to the man sitting behind the desk.
"Hello. I don't understand I haven't been the principal of that school in over twenty years, I have nothing that will really help you. And did tell you everything that you needed to know over the phone." James looked at Booth not bothering to stand up, and shake Booth's hand. "I can get you the student roster for when I first started working here, and if you need to talk to the principal that was here before me I can have Lisa pull everything up for you." James ran his fingers threw his hair as he looked out of the window thinking about what had been discovered.
"Agent Booth may I ask a question?" James turned and looked at him closely.
"Yes you may sir." Booth put his hands behind his back and looked at James.
"Do you have any kids?"
"Yes, a little boy. He's going to be nine soon. Why?" Booth tensed as James asked about his son.
"Than think about having to tell him that there were ten bodies found on a part of the school that I didn't even know was here, and they might have known them when they were in pre-school. How do you think you would tell him that? Would you tell him that?" James sat there thinking about how he would tell over 800 students what had happened.
"I don't know how I would tell him, but I would. He would find out by some little kid, I would rather hear it from me and not someone that doesn't know all of the facts."
"Well Agent Booth, I have to tell 800 students this,and I have no idea how I plan on doing that. One more question, do you plan on having more kids?"
Booth's mind flickered to Samantha's face and what she would look like when she was carring his child.
"No." then he turned on his heel and walked out.
* * *
[right]Mioko & Alice
Mioko was laying on the floor, eating her crackers and looked at the picture that she had just finished of a little girl. She was just staring at the picture and she didn't hear it when Alice waddled into her office.
"Hey buddy~~ how are the little munchkins?" Alice asked as she came over and sat down on the loveseat.
"They were mad at me." Mioko turned and looked at Alice with wide eyes, "Kicked me in the bladder eight times. Four for each of the little angles. Or all eight were from Clyde, either way it hurt." Mioko tryed to get up off the floor by herself but she just landed back onto her bottum with a soft thud.
"I think that you might need some help." Alice said matter of factley, as she bit back the smile that was on her face.
"You think? Can you call someone in here to help? I think it might be bad if a pregnant person fell on another pregnant person.... that's really not something that you need to visuals is it?" Mioko smiled when Alice started to chuckle.
"I'll go and get Hodgins." she pushed herself out of the eat and the waddled over to where the door was at, she stuck her head out and yelled, "HODGINS! FISHER!" Then she turned and waddled back to her seat.
"WHAT?!?" Booth, Hodgins, Fisher and Cam all came running into the room. Booth had his gun out and was aiming at Mioko who was still on the floor.
"Well, I cant't...well I can't get up by myself. I'm starting to get really fat." and then Mioko burst into tears

She locked the door and then walked down the path to her 911 Black Porsche Turbo, she smiled as she turned the car on and let it idle for a second before she backed out of her drive way and started to speed.Roman]

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Post by Amour on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:46 am what do you guys think? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think and what I can work on to do better...
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I do not watch Bones, sadly, but I still like the story. Very Happy
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Oh, you've probably seen the, "Look Away, Kids!" section, and I'll be making story categories soon, I can move this to the story thread version of that if you'd like.
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Yes please! And thank you for your comment...Very Happy
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