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Post by Silver on Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:26 pm

Spotlight Cherry13
(Pay close attention to the picture and you'll see the Copyright and Trademark logos...those are legit so you don't wanna go copying this)

My Sister Heart wrote:

While, as a whole, the story is generally plotless, it DOES have some elements of story and whatnot. Semi-Popular American band, Anarchy, is on the road, touring. They'll get into some insane adventures along the way. Crazed fans are always a problem. But what about the frequent kidnapping and brainwashing attempts by a persistant bunch of modern day music haters? Lead singer, Cherry, and her best friend, guitarist, Dotty are on a wild road trip with their drummer, Blake and it promises to be a tour for the record books.


I frequently wrote cartoon-style stories when I was starting at forums like Loonatic and Genie Jinx. One idea I had was DJ Candy, in association with my brother. Candy is a party-loving teen DJ who throws the most dynamic parties...but has to clean everything up before mom and dad get home...yeah. Her cousin is none other than Cherry, who gets her own spin-off in the series Spotlight


Cherry, more than any other character in the series, represents the thrill of being a rock star. She's in love with the life and frequently shows it. She's loud and usually a bit rude as well as impulsive and hot-headed though isn't without her good qualities. She tends to be forgetful. . .oh wait, that isn't good. Well, she watches out for her friends and doesn't let anyone mess with them. Plus, she's good in a classic scrap...a fight, that is. She's got a love of spicy foods and despises just about anything sweet (Accept for an odd weakness to chocolate, which often leaves her hyper, resulting in many insane situations). She tends to get a little boy crazy at times and uses her status to get near whomever she's into for the day. Her goal is to rock the entire world and "Revolutionize the Music Industry". Her dream is to get to perform on thelegendary stages of Mute City, producer of legendary music stars.

Dotty is the other side of the coin. She's quiet and rather shy but can be every bit as rude as Cherry if provoked. She often shadows her friend, following her anywhere and going along with whatever scheme Cherry manages to come up with...though she seems to always regret the choice to do so in the end. Unlike her friend, Dotty is rather fond of say the least. But resents all spicy foods, frequently displayed by the fact that they often make her breathe fire if ever she eats any, whether she eats it by accident or is forced to. She doesn't truly care much whether she's a rockstar or not. Before and during a show, she seems to enter a seperate personality that outshines even Cherry in outrageousness, often pulling insane stunts and occasionally comes off as evil. She isn't bad in a fight either. The fact that she's never seen in bright colors and wears rather heavy eyeliner, has caused people to believe her a goth but she isn't.

Blake, speaking truthfully, only follows the girls around to make sure they don't get into too much trouble. Being the drummer in a highly reviewed rock band is just dust in the wind to him. He often comes across as stone faced, acting like a mediator whenever the girls get out of hand or aiding them in a fight. He doubles as their security guard at times. His resent for the lack of discipline the girls display comes across loud and clear as he constantly seems annoyed with their antics though can't help but later get dragged into them.

Leo is the girls' manager. If one were to compare Leo and Blake to "Parental Figures" to the girls, Leo is definitely the fun parent. He'll give them nearly anything and let them do pretty much whatever they want so long as they agree to keep doing shows (and making him's a cycle, really). Ever scheming new ways for the girls to make it big, he normally either gets the girls into trouble in the first place, or unknowingly saves their lives in some massive stroke of unbelievable luck when his larger schemes are involved.

Johnny, while not a "main" character, seems to pop up all the time. He's an obsessed fan whose dream is to get Cherry and Dotty's autograph (And get a kiss from Cherry, having been secretly in love with her since day 1). Another secret, is his dual personality as Bass, a masked "man" (haha no) whose identity everyone seems oblivious to. It allows him to pursue his riskier hobbies such as being a vigilante and allows him to get closer to Cherry (However, unfair as it may seem, Cherry hardly even notices either of them. Dotty, on the other hand, seems rather in love with Bass...though has no clue Johnny even exists). As Bass, Johnny acts cools though is truly still the same unlucky, clumsy, awkward kid who can hardly string words together before the girls without tripping up.(A quality Dotty is either attracted to or is oblivious to)

Maestro is the head of the Classies and works behind the scenes to try and bring classical music back to the world in high abundance. Very little is known about him otherwise.

Quarter is one of the ragtag trio sent to abduct Cherry and Dotty. Though, to be honest, he's just really pathetic and afraid of his superior, Note. He's very self conscious and lacks confidence. He's able to summon "Monsters" made up of musical notes, as are the others.

Note is the alpha dog of the trio sent to abduct Anarchy. While far superior to the other two (Not to mention bossy beyond comprehension), she's still very pathetic, which speaks for the rest of her team. Like Quarter, Note can also summon "monsters" made from musical notes.

Half is the last of the trio and the brains of the operation. He's always whipping out elaborate schemes to kidnap Anarchy but...c'mon, this is a cartoon, the bad guys lose. He also has a bit of a short temper and goes into a rage if anyone mentions his height. The "monsters" he summons tend to be part machine.

Rhythm is Cherry's arch rival in the duo known as Hip 'n' Hop. He, like her is loud and often times rude as well as impulsive...which makes them a match made in rival heaven. . .

Beat is Dotty's Hip 'n' Hop counterpart and shares the same rivalry (though slightly more tame) as Cherry and Rhythm. The Classies also seem to be after Hip 'n' Hop but the group after them is every bit as incompetent.

"Outside" Info

The story is written in a script format and occasionally uses smileys/emotes in instances of character expression. There is supposed to be at least one "musical number" per episode (usually just and end of episode concert from Anarchy with songs written by me or me repping for YouTube cover artists and putting up links to their song covers. The main theme of the series is a song written by me with a back-up in "Rockstar" by Nickelback and a back-up to that is "Lose Yourself" by Eminem.
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