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Post by Amour on Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:39 pm

The darkness of the night is closeing in.
The pain of the love that I lost is comeing in.
But the joy of the freedom has it's very own wings.
So when the darkness takes ahold, I just fly away.
On the wings of joy.

The love I lost was a pain indeed.
But he let me go.
And now I am free.
The wings that draw me are so very pretty.
That I can't seem to be the perfect girl indeed.

I fly away sometimes in the middle of the day.
And nothing can bring me back but the call of another flight.
I fly away sometimes in the dark of night, to get away from the pain,
and the lose of the one I love.
But the wings of freedom are stronger then anything.

What is pain, when you can fly away from everything?
What is freedom when you have to come back?
And what is the thing you need most when the darkness is closing in?
I can answer that.
You need a pair of wings that joy it's self has created just for you.

I fly away.
But I always come back to the pain and the darkness so I can face a new day.
Time Lady
Time Lady

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Re: *insert name here*

Post by Love on Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:15 am

Very Happy That was pretty.

Unknown Poet
Unknown Poet

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