People Change, Teams don't (WIP)

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People Change, Teams don't (WIP)

Post by Akira Lamay Corvenus on Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:26 am

Welcome Students, welcome to your life for the next four years. Here you will learn to harness your skills, battle your way to the top, and by the end of your first year be teamed up with another member of this school. That is where the real fun begins. Once you have selected your partner, you will begin your trials to becoming heroes. So train hard, and climb to the top as fast as you can.

Welcome Students, to the Gotham Academy for Heroes.


Sophia (Senior)
Richard (Senior)
Jason (Junior)
Cecile (Junior)
Dani (Sophomore)
Damien (Sophomore)


Roy/Conor (Senior)
Spencer (Senior)
Arthur (Senior)
Lila (Junior)
Wally (Sophomore)
Katarina (Sophomore)

((I'll do my starting post soooooonnnnn))
Akira Lamay Corvenus
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