I Can't Think of A Better Night to get Laid

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I Can't Think of A Better Night to get Laid Empty I Can't Think of A Better Night to get Laid

Post by Karou Heiwajima on Thu Jul 23, 2015 7:24 am

Jean sighed heavily as he got out of his car, running a hand through his hair to smooth any loose hair that happened to stray away from his fancy hairdo. He called it fancy but its mainly just smoothed over with the help of some hairspray and mousse, looking something like Irwin Smith's usual hair. He locked his car and walked towards a very high-end, classy looking yacht. Adjusting his suit a many number of times than needed, Jean admired the decorations on the brow as he boarded the ship. This wasn't his first reception he'd gone to nor was this his first time boarding a ship set for a night out on the sea. It was just the first time he'd been to such a high end, blue blood type wedding and reception. Sure, he knew Connie was kind of loaded, despite his appearance and behavior, but damn. Whose idea was it to hold a reception on a freakin yacht? He'd taken a glimpse at the name of the beauty before he'd fully boarded her, 'The Potato Queen'. An extremely odd name, Jean thought, even if Sasha claimed that she had no input on the boats name.
While pondering the origins of the boats name and boarding said ship, Jean bumped into someone. "Shit, not only am I late but I bump into a stranger. Good fucking job Krischtien." he thinks to himself before stepped away from the person, "Hey man, sorry I didn't see you there I wa-" he starts to apologize before he's met with the most beautiful doe brown eyes he's even seen. He vaguely remembers them from somewhere before his thoughts are intruppted by the person those eyes belong to.
"Oh my god I'm so sorry for standing in your way! I thought everyone who was attending the party had already boarded!" said the handsome man with brown doe eyes, who moved out of Jean's way with an apologetic smile on his lips.
Jean rubbed the back of his neck you his hand, "Not your fault man, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. My fault." he said. While exchanging apologies, Jean gave the man a once over and damn, this was a fine specimen of a man.
Browned skin, probably from his parents or he was raised in the California sun, with dark freckled spots peppering his face, the most sincere and earnest smile he's ever seen (pretty sure he's an angel from his smile alone) and the way his suit fitted him, Jean could tell this man was a regular at the gym or his job required him to be physically fit. Jean decided that if this man was attending the reception, his night just got a whole lot better.
Connie and Sasha had practically begged him to attend the reception, saying that it was only for close family and friends. Even with the gurantee of a small crowd, Jean almost didn't come. Him and crowds never mixed well. He felt caged in, judged by any and all. He didn't know what made him decide that he was going, but here he was.
And he was glad he did.
Jean heard something like a name before snapping back to the now and was met with a confused looking freckled angel, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
The man chuckled and held out his hand almost sheepishly, "I said that I'm Marco Bodt and that we should move on towards the upper deck where the actual reception is." he said. Jean hadn't noticed but the mans voice was very warm, matching his appearance.
Jean took the mans hand and slightly shook it, "Jean Krischtien and that's probably a good idea." he said, taking back his hand. The freckled man, Marco, beamed at him, "Jean Krischtien? Aren't you a good friend of Connie's? I think I remember meeting you previously at his bachelor party." he said, moving to walk towards the receptions destination.
Bachelor party? Big brown doe eyes? Jean connected the dots and snapped his fingers, "I remember you! You're the guy who made all of those bomb drinks! If I remember correctly, it was the Rose Wall pub?" he said, following after Marco.

"You found my weakness."

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